Thematic areas, but not limited to:

Digital literacy
• Computational thinking
• Digital inclusion and citizenship in low density territories
• Digital literacy at school
• Digital platforms in low density territories
• Information design and literacy
• Information technology literacy
• Social network services

Emotional literacy
• Definition(s) of emotional literacy
• Emotional literacy and education
• Theory and practice – using emotional literacy in the classroom

Environmental literacy
• (Re) Water use in low water capacity territories
• Energy saving and environmental sustainability
• Environmental education in the socio-economic enhancement of local communities
• Equipment, conservation and environmental management
• Information design and environmental awareness

Film literacy
• Definition(s) of film literacy
• Film literacy and education
• Theory and practice – using film literacy in the classroom

Financial literacy
• Business financial education
• Family financial education
• Financial literacy in sparsely populated territories
• Policies for financial literacy
• Tax literacy in cross-border territories

Health literacy
• Challenges in health literacy
• Environmental health literacy and climate change
• Health literacy and lifelong learning
• Health, well-being and quality of life literacy
• Healthcare and literacy
• Self-promotion mental health techniques
• Technology and innovation in promoting health literacy

Literacy and art
• Art, literacy, and education
• Connection (s) between literacy and art
• Creative approaches to information literacy
• Theory and practice – using art and literacy in the classroom
• Visual literacy in art and design

Literacy, reading, writing and libraries
• Learning from the school library
• Literacy and the formation of readers
• The role of libraries in the development of information literacy
• The school library as a promoter of educational success

Management literacy
• Business and financial literacy in low density regions
• Business literacy in low density regions
• Entrepreneurship and investment literacy
• Entrepreneurship in sparsely populated territories
• Environmental sustainability literacy in low density regions
• Investment in low density territories

Media literacy
• Definition(s) of Media literacy
• Media literacy and education
• Theory and practice – using Media literacy in the classroom

Quantitative literacy/ Numerical literacy
• Data visualization literacy
• Mathematical literacy
• Numeracy in contemporary society
• Statistical literacy

Scientific literacy
• Definition(s) of scientific literacy
• Scientific literacy and education
• Theory and practice – using scientific literacy in the classroom
• Visual design in scientific communications

STEM literacy
• Engineering-design thinking
• Math & Science Skills
• STEM versus soft skills