Paper Submission

Full Paper Submission Guidelines for Authors

All Full Papers must be submitted at (formato .docx)

Click here to download the Template full paper ICCL2021

  • Each paper must be original and unpublished work, not submitted for publication elsewhere and its publication must be approved by all authors.
  • Full papers can be written in English, Portuguese or Spanish.
  • The length of the full paper should be between 5 and 20 pages (A4 size), incorporating the title page (title, abstract and keywords), all text, references, figures and tables.
  • Full papers should be formatted according to the congress template and submitted in Word format.
  • Submitted papers will follow a standard review process and there is no guarantee that they will be accepted.
  • Authors will be notified via email of acceptance or rejection of their paper.
  • The papers that need major modifications will be re-reviewed.
  • The congress e-book will be published on the meeting web page.

Authors of papers presented at the congress may submit the corresponding full article (original and unpublished) to one of the following journals (Articles must comply with the editorial standards of the journal in question and will be subject to peer review):

Publishing guidelines

Book of abstracts

All the accepted abstracts will be published in the conference Book of Abstracts (with ISBN) which is foreseen as a Congress outcome.


Authors of accepted Abstracts are kindly invited to submit full versions of their papers (Full paper). Full papers will be subjected to peer-review.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  The submission of “Full Papers” is optional.


As an alternative to publication in the E-book, authors can submit their manuscript to one of the following journals. Papers must comply with the editorial standards of the journal in question and will be subject to peer review

Revista Educação em Questão

General Publication Standards

Revista Humanidades & Educação

General Publication Standards

Revista Interações

Revista Educat

General Publication Standards

In the Section field choose the option “Papers” and in the Comments to the Editor field refer to “Dossier thematic Digital Literacy”. Send word document (without references to authorship and affiliation in the text of the article).
Portuguese language/english language.
Additional clarifications should be sent, via email, to the publishers of this special issue.